Rev. Dr. Anthony Reed
Rev. Dr. Anthony
Received his Doctor of Ministry in the area of Church Marketing and Evangelism from the prestigious United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Reed is a prophet to nations. He has been interviewed by local radio and national news like CNN on hot button topics pertaining to issues affecting people of South Florida. He is not a pastor of just a congregation, he pastors a generation. Thousands of souls have been saved while thousands are waiting for the prophetic word that comes out of his mouth.
Rev. Karen Reed
Rev. Karen
Is an ordained preacher who for several years has served the community as a music teacher in both Palm Beach County and South Carolina. She is an anointed psalmist whom embodies God’s preaching and musical gifts in worship. She is a motivational speaker and the founder of “Butterflyz Ministry”, a ministry to break women out of their cocoons. Together the Reed team has ministered to thousands of people all over the country. Rev. Reed has ministered nationally and internationally with revivals in major cities of America and in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.